No one is born being a citizen. You have to be taught what it means. Sonia Sotomayor
Do you want to know who you are?
Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.

Thomas Jefferson

Taking Actions to Address Climate Change, Promote Sustainability, and Protect Human Rights

This year-long international program engages youth from primary grades through college in the design and implementation of interdisciplinary, informed action projects focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals #11, 12, and 13. Working with mentors, peers, experts and community leaders, participants will research topics of their choice, then design and implement outreach projects. The program helps young people develop a sense of social responsibility and gain competency in 21st century citizenship skills essential to meet the challenges of our diverse, multicultural societies, both locally and globally.

SDG's 11, 12, 13

The SUMMIT will take place in Spring, 2022, in-person in Ithaca, NY and virtually, at which each participant will share the outcomes- both successes and challenges.

Who can participate?

  • Anyone! Individuals and groups from schools, clubs, after-school or summer programs, or community organizations are invited to apply. Youth from many countries will be participating.
  • Registration is free.

What is involved?

  • Applicants must have an adult who agrees to act as mentor and liaison with the program coordinators, and have access to electronic communications.
  • Interactive workshops appropriate for different age groups will introduce the guidelines for project selections, such as the SDG’s, and the importance of aligning projects with protection of Human Rights.
  • Assistance will be provided for researching participant’s selected area of interest, helping them appreciate both local and global aspects; this may include consultations with experts and community leaders as appropriate.
  • Project design requires creativity and awareness of opportunities, which will be aided through peer-to-peer discussions and collaborations among groups with similar interests. These could involve blending the talents of participants with different perspectives and skills.
  • Implementation of projects introduces the challenges of practicality, coordination of activities, and in many cases developing understanding about and sensitivity towards the community being served.

When will this happen?

  • Projects may begin during the Summer or Fall, with completion expected by Spring, 2022.

What is the culminating Youth Empowerment Summit?

  • In addition to shared updates throughout the course of the year, all participants are expected to share their project outcomes – the successes and challenges – at a combined in-person and virtual event to be held in Spring, 2022 in Ithaca, NY, USA.

What does it cost?

  • Groups whose school or organization has funds for youth programs are expected to apply for project support, but this is not a condition for participating.
  • Expenses related to fees for content experts, graphics artists, technical support, and other requested consultants will be covered by the program.
  • Each group will elect a student leader responsible for submitting requests with estimated costs for project materials, which may include tools, consumable supplies, graphics and printed materials.

Program Resources

Words Into Deeds has partnered with local and international educators, scientists and experts, artists and media specialists, and community leaders who will be available to work with participants as they research, design and implement their projects.

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