No one is born being a citizen. You have to be taught what it means. Sonia Sotomayor
Do you want to know who you are?
Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.

Thomas Jefferson



Young people frequently see and hear about problems, conflicts, and natural disasters outside their immediate environment. However, for most the human suffering associated with these events is invisible, under-reported, and riddled with generalizations and stereotypes.

Words Into Deeds works with teachers and students to promote rigorous examination of Human Rights issues and violations, followed by the design and implementation of projects that directly engage students in community service, both locally and globally.  Projects are strengthened by discussions with experts, activists, and performing artists who bring multicultural perspectives and experiences to the classroom and community. The goal of these educational strategies, which are consistent with Common Core, ELA Literacy, and Social Studies Standards, is to help teachers instill in their students an appreciation that youth can be empowered agents for positive social change.

Teachers and students are asked to discuss and embrace these six Words Into Deeds tenets:

Respect All Life

Respect the life and dignity of each human being without discrimination or prejudice.

Reject Violence

Practice active non-violence, rejecting violence in all its forms: physical, sexual, psychological, economical, and social, in particular towards the most deprived and vulnerable such as children and adolescents.

Share with Others

Share my time and material resources in a spirit of generosity to put an end to exclusion, injustice and political and economic oppression.

Listen to Understand

Defend freedom of expression and cultural diversity, giving preference always to dialogue and listening without engaging in fanaticism, defamation, and the rejection of others.

Preserve the Planet

Promote consumer behavior that is responsible, and develop practices that respect all forms of life and preserve the balance of nature on the planet.

Rediscover Solidarity

Contribute to the development of my community, with the full participation of all persons and respect for democratic principles, in order to create together new forms of solidarity.